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Loving the WE in Wellness

My dad drilled into me at a young age, "If you want something done right, do it yourself."

So, I have been a solo practitioner trying to bring wellness to my community for a while now. Years ago, Amy, one of my intuitive friends, saw Riverside having multiple practitioners working together in this sacred sanctuary. I wasn't ready to share. I wasn't ready to take risks with others. I wasn't ready to trust my intuition with choosing the right "pieces" to fit into this beautiful puzzle that I named Riverside Wellness & Enchantments.

If not now, when? So..... the time is now! Currently we are a group of 16 skilled holistic practitioners bringing wellness to Milford, NJ & beyond. I envision this gifted tribe as the center of a concentric circle that radiates outward with positive, loving, healing energy. This rippling effect will reach other local communities & help raise the vibration of the planet.

Are you looking for your tribe? Come to Riverside and experience the love of our sacred sanctuary of metaphysical wellness! There truly is WE in wellness.

Love & Light,


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