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Truths for Spiritual Healing Today

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

“Remember, your only work is to love yourself, value yourself, and embody the truth of self-worth and self-love so you can be love in action. You are serving no one when you get lost in the problems of the world. When you are feeling defeated or lost, ask

Where am I not loving myself?

How can I love myself more?”

This is a quote by Anita Moorjani from her amazing book that speaks to her healing on the brink of death.

I have made it my basic truth and I have added other Divine Truths to my walk through life such as I am Enough, I matter, I am not too much!

I am safe and loved, I am whole- I am not broken! I am wounded and it is in recognizing my wounding that I can embrace my healing.

We tend to isolate in our suffering and feel like ‘other’, outside the normal. This is an illusion- FEAR- FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL. None of us are meant to walk alone. And yet, when we compare ourselves to others instead of ourselves, we emphasize our separation.

But we can look for that glimmer of Light- our Divine Spark and begin to reach for connection with like-minded and like hearted people. Courage is not the absence of fear. It is deciding to be willing to reach for our highest good and take loving action to pull the blessings of the Universe to ourselves.

We all need the love, support and guidance of a tribe!

All we really need is willingness, and a desire to embrace our healing.

In this time when we feel the chaos of the world all around us, meditation, sound bowl healing and reiki are tools that we can use to connect us to our healing.

We, as human beings, are living in duality- physical manifestations and spiritual beings.

All pain and illness is a physical manifestation of spiritual malady.

These are my Truths today!


Maureen Bender

(Maureen is a life coach, intuitive and spiritual healer in the Ursai Royoka Reiki lineage. Maureen’s intuitive healer heart centered consciousness helps raise vibrations for both the healer and the client. This approach clears and grounds us in our calm center, raising the energetic vibrations. Allowing transformations to occur. Maureen offers Reiki, Spiritual Coaching, Oracle Readings & classes in Recovery at Riverside Wellness & Enchantments.

Typing Spiritual Truths for Today
Spiritual Truths for Today


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